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Vaughan Barnsley

Vaughan is a recognised OceanWatch Master Fisherman, successfully completing formal training and assessment in sustainable work practices.

OceanWatch Master Fisherman Program

The OceanWatch Master Fisherman Program incorporates many aspects of responsible fishing including:

Quality assurance, bycatch reduction devices and techniques, animal welfare, threatened species management, catch documentation, marine pests management, habitat, pollution, indigenous fishing and workplace health and safety.
Training is facilitated by OceanWatch Australia and assessment is overseen by the NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee, linked to the national Seafood Industry Training Package and industry wide codes of practice.

Vaughan’s qualifications include:

Maritime and Food Safety:
  • Coxwain
  • NSW Safe Foods Food Authority Licence


Vaughan Barnsley

Vaughan harvests seafood in a responsible and sustainable way, working according to his Fishing Industry Code of Practice.

Estuary General Fishery Code of Practice

Industry codes of practice are a commitment to environmental best practice. The codes are aligned with the objectives of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing.

Sustainable Fisheries Management

The NSW professional fishing industry is managed for sustainability by the state fisheries department, NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Environmental Impact Statements

An environmental impact assessment has been completed for each of the major NSW wild catch fisheries to help ensure they are managed in a sustainable way.

Fisheries Management Strategies

These are guidelines for NSW professional fisheries, developed with an intent to accredit fishing activities in NSW as sustainable under both State and Commonwealth legislation.

FRDC discusses Australian Seafood Sustainability

More on Bycatch Reduction in Australian Fisheries

Australian consumers should feel confident about the responsible and sustainable sourcing of Australian Seafood.

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Meet Vaughan

Vaughan Barnsley

Vaughan is a professional fisherman based near Forster on the NSW mid-north coast. He has worked as a professional fisherman since 1984, mainly fishing in the crystal clear water of the Wallis and Myall Lakes.


Vaughan is a proud OceanWatch Master Fisherman, trained and experienced in responsible and sustainable fishing practices.