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OceanWatch Master Fisherman

The OceanWatch Master Fisherman program incorporates many aspects of responsible and sustainable fishing including:

Quality assurance, bycatch reduction devices and techniques, animal welfare, threatened species management, catch documentation, marine pests management, habitat, pollution, indigenous fishing, fisheries management and workplace health and safety.

Training is facilitated by OceanWatch Australia and assessment is overseen by the NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee, linked to the national Seafood Industry Training Package and industry wide codes of practice.

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Sustainable and Responsible Fishing

OceanWatch Master Fishermen have been trained and assessed in sustainable and responsible fishing practices.

Fishing Industry Codes of Practice

OceanWatch Master Fisherman have voluntarily adopted industry Codes of Practice to demonstrate their individual commitment to environmental best practice. NSW fishing industry codes have been aligned to reflect the the principles of the international Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing.

Sustainable Fisheries Management

The NSW professional fishing industry is managed for sustainability by the state fisheries department, NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Environmental Assessments

NSW professional fisheries have been environmentally assessed to help ensure they are managed in a sustainable way.

Fisheries Management Strategies

Fisheries Management Strategies are guidelines developed for professional fishing in NSW, with an intent to accredit fishing activities as sustainable under both State and Commonwealth legislation.

Food Safety Plans

NSW Food Authority food safety plans are audited yearly to ensure best practice handling, storage and transportation of seafood, guaranteeing  exceptional quality and product safety.

FRDC discusses Australia’s Seafood Sustainability

More on Bycatch Reduction in Australian Fisheries

Bio-toxin Management Plans

Best practice water quality and seafood product sampling which includes weekly laboratory water testing and monthly flesh sampling to protect shellfish consumers from the hazards of marine algal biotoxins.

Australian consumers should feel confident about the responsible and sustainable sourcing of Australian Seafood.

Click here to read about seafood sustainability from the Sydney Fish Market.

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Fish Supplied

Seafood Profiles and Stock Status

Click on the images to learn more about your seafood including species profiles, stock status and some great recipes.

Australian Bonito

Australian Salmon

Bailer Shells

Banded Rock Cod

Bass Groper


Blue Swimmer Crab







Dusky Flathead

Eastern King Prawn

Eastern Pigfish

Eastern Rock Lobster

Frigate Mackerel



Giant Mud Crab

Gurnard and Latchets



Longfin eel


Mackerel Tuna

Mahi Mahi




Ocean Leatherjacket

Ocean Perch


Pearl Perch


Rays and Skates

Red Mullet

Royal Red Prawn

Sand Flounders

Sand Whiting

School Prawn

School Whiting

Shark Species

Silver Sweep

Silver Trevally


Spanish Mackerel

Spanner Crab

Spotted Mackerel





Tiger Flathead


Yellowfin Bream

Yellowtail Kingfish

Fishing Methods

From Tide to Table

The following short videos illustrate some of the fishing methods New South Wales professional fisherman may use, within our estuaries and coastal waters, to harvest and supply us with our local seafood.

The methods used by individual OceanWatch Master Fishermen to harvest local seafood depends on individual endorsements holdings within the relevant fisheries.

NSW Estuary General Fishery

NSW Ocean Hauling Fishery

NSW Ocean Trawl Fishery

Ocean Fish Trawl

Fish Northern Zone, Southern Fish Trawl, Inshore Prawn Trawl, Offshore Prawn Trawl, Deepwater Prawn Trawl.

NSW Ocean Trap and Line Fishery

Demersal Fish Trap, Spanner Crab North, Spanner Crab South, Line Fishing West, Line Fishing East.

NSW Estuary Prawn Trawl Fishery

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Meet Your Fishers

Meet your fishers

OceanWatch Master Fishermen

Adrian McLean

Adrian Trotter

Allan Saunders

Allan Tammjarv

Anthony Foster

Anthony Ragno

Bob Elliot

Brad Holden

Brad Tulk

Brad Warren

Brett Bollinger

Bruce Fidden

Chris Whatson

Danny Elliott

Dave Osborne

David Malone

David Mitchell

David Pye

David Trotter

Dean Elliot

Dick Bagnato

Diego Bagnato

Emil Hropic

Eric Glen

Esmay Hropic

Frank Gallen

Gary Howard

Geoff Blackburn

Giovanni Tripodi

Glenn Dawson

Graeme Byrnes

Greg Golby

Greg Tarrant

Jacob Bowland

Jacob J Ireland

James Elliott

Jay Fraser

Jed Malone

Jim Drinkwater

Joel Evans

John Alessi

Josh Trotter

Kay Foster

Lee Monin

Lee Tarrant

Margaret Park

Matthew Mutch

Mervyn Cheers

Micheal Cheers

Mitch Malone

Mitch Sanders

Murray Ham

Noel Bramble

Paul Aquilina

Paul Bagnato

Paul Bietzel

Paul Cheers

Paul Hyde

Paul Wyborn

Phillip Byrnes

Ray Saunders

Reece Chapman

Richard Howard

Rodney Tarrant

Roger Bull

Ross Dobson

Ross Fidden

Russell Massey

Ryan Golby

Ryan Ragno

Sabino Ragno

Scott Massey

Scott Smith

Tom Malone

Tony Bagnato

Troy Billin

Vaughan Barnsley

Vince Bagnato