Brett Bollinger

Brett harvests seafood in a responsible and sustainable way. His family has extensive history assisting fisheries research programs that have helped to improve best practice and increase sustainability of the fishery.

Ocean Trawl Fishery Code of Practice

Brett works according to the NSW Ocean Trawl Fishery Code of Practice.
The Ocean Trawl Fishery Code of Practice is a commitment to environmental best practice. Industry codes have been aligned with the principles of the international Code of conduct for responsible fishing.

Fisheries Management for sustainability

The fishery is managed for sustainability by the state fisheries department NSW DPI Fisheries using: input controls, output controls, area closures and seasonal closures.
Learn more about Ocean Trawl Fishery legislation

Environmental Impact Statements

An environmental impact assessment has been completed to help ensure the fishery is managed and operates in a sustainable way.
Ocean Trawl Fishery Environmental Impact Statement

Fisheries Management Strategies

Guidelines developed for NSW professional fisheries, with an intent to accredit fishing activities in NSW as sustainable under both State and Commonwealth legislation.
Ocean Trawl Fishery Fisheries Management Strategy

Food Safety Plans

Food safety plans guide the handling, storage and transportation of seafood ensuring best practice, exceptional quality and product safety.
FRDC discusses Australia’s Seafood Sustainability

Australian consumers should feel confident about the responsible and sustainable sourcing of Australian Seafood.

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