Jed Malone

Jed is an OceanWatch Master Fisherman working in the NSW Estuary General Fishery, harvesting seafood in a responsible and sustainable way.

Whilst providing the community access to local seafood, Jed is committed to implementing both regulatory and voluntary measures including adherence to:

Fishing Industry Codes of Practice

A commitment to environmental best practice. The codes are aligned with the principles and objectives of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing.

Environmental Impact Statements

An environmental impact assessment has been completed for each of the major NSW wild catch fisheries to help ensure they are managed in a sustainable way.

Fisheries Management Strategies

Guidelines for NSW professional fisheries have been developed to incorporate the Commonwealth’s sustainability guideline requirements prepared for use in assessing the requirements for export under the EPBC Act, and intended to accredit fishing activities in NSW as sustainable under both State and Commonwealth legislation.

Food Safety Plans

Food safety plans ensure best practice handling, storage and transportation of seafood product planning that ensures exceptional quality and product safety.

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Australian consumers should feel confident about the responsible and sustainable sourcing of Australian Seafood.

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