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Free OceanWatch Master Fisherman Training

 Upcoming training sessions

April 2016: Master Fisherman training, Coffs Harbour Yacht Club
The next OceanWatch Master Fisherman Training session will be held at the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club, late April 2017.

Request a training session in your area

Calling on interested professional fishers endorsed in NSW.

OceanWatch can organise a training session in your area (8.30am – 3.00pm) for groups of fishers (minimum 8 fishers).
Any fisher that is interested in participating in a OceanWatch Master Fisherman workshop can contact Michael Wooden on 0422 618 248.
Training and assessment facilitated by OceanWatch Wild Catch Fisheries Program Manager, Michael Wooden and OceanWatch Executive Director, Brad Warren.

What are we asking of NSW professional fishermen?

Attend and complete a Master Fisherman training day to receive recognition as an OceanWatch Master Fisherman and an environmental training accreditation – linked to the Seafood Training Package ‘Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices’. Training will be relevant to your current work practices.
OceanWatch will recognise fishers who have completed an OceanWatch Master Fisherman environmental training workshop, and who have previously completed food safety and maritime competency training (Master 5, Coxswain etc.) as an OceanWatch Master Fisherman.
OceanWatch have developed training programs for the Estuary General, Ocean Haul, Ocean Trap and Line and Ocean Trawl fisheries. 

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Want more information?

OceanWatch developed the Master Fisherman program to assist fishers with industry identified priorities of improving industry’s profile amongst the wider community and addressing people development.
Recognition of individual fishers includes the development of a central database that can be used to engage with the consumer at the point of sale (via QR – Quick Response codes).
Click on the link  to view the master fishermen website. (Updating of the master fisher website will reflect this in the near future).

Completed Training Sessions

  • Training Session 10: Commercial Fishermen’s Co-operative 17/03/2016
  • Training Session 9: Wallis Lake Surf Life Saving Club 4/11/2016
  • Training Session 8: Wollongong Diggers Club 14/12/2015
  • Training Session 7: Sydney Fish Market 04/12/2015
  • Training Session 6: 10.00am Club Forster and Sporties Tuncurry 10/11/2014
  • Training Session 5: Maclean Showground 24/10/2014
  • Training Session 4: South West Rocks Country Women’s Association 03/10/2014
  • Training Session 3: Nelson Bay Golf Club 05/09/2014 
  • Training Session 2: Commercial Fishermen’s Cooperative 15/08/2014   
  • Training Session 1: Club Forster and Sporties Tuncurry 08/08/2014

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